Went for Tekong Challenge yesterday with the team.
Didn't manage to win, but well we can take it as endurance training for the 21km run next month.

Dead tiring. It's an exposure though, being able to observe the natural beauty of Pulau Tekong without all the soldiering and stuff. Little crabs, sea anemones, and other creatures.

It's good that we have an island solely meant for military purposes. At least everything there can be conserved because no one else can go there and mess up the place. Singaporeans are always like that, when they "discover" something cool (like Chek Jawa or the recent train tracks) they will all flock there within the next one month. Crazy enough? To me it's like "Walau this thing has been here for ages haven't you guys seen it at all before?!"

It's just shows how busy and bo-chap we are everyday.

Anyway talking about being busy. I'm real busy. After a hiatus of 3 months finally a boss has came and I can pull 50% off my workload. But not so soon yet because I'm already halfway through some work so I guess I can't be handing over partially done work right? It won't be fair to him and I will need to do follow-ups as well because I won't be able to 放心 totally.

And then talking about running and some chiong-suaing....
Next month will be a hit man. A 7 day chiong-sua course, with a 21km Half Marathon run (competitive, with me representing the team) on the 4th day... Then another 10~20 day course for me to promote my rank.

[Oops. Some ass forgot to send in our names for the 7-day course and there is goes, another lost chance for getting that badge on the chest. WTF. FML seriously. 真的是事不在人为。]

Wah. Deadly life man. And hopefully all these is worthwhile so that I can proceed to train overseas after that... Please make them select me! :D

Left is rational. Right is irrational.
Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right will be the BALANCE.

Run. Just run.

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