Greyhounds and Factorymen

It's a blessing I should say, to have a supposedly beautiful weekend getting myself stuck in camp doing nothing but reading/Facebooking/sleeping/eating/playing and waiting for things to happen, which most of the time (touch wood) won't.

Finally I have found myself time to start clearing junk on my table, in my bags, and inside my webpages. Which of course will include Facebook.

I have been using Facebook for like, 4 years already? Since Sec 4, as I remember. Back then Facebook was thought to be a copy of Friendster. Then things started to change. I remember J1 I started to play some Facebook games like some Pokemon stuff... Then J2 I started mass camwhoring and people started playing with Mousehunt (which I think is freaking stupid, clicking a bell every 15min?)... From Army times it started to include adverts and other annoying stuff, and this year they actually started with things that show your past status updates and pictures at the right bar, which I think is quite annoying because most of the "POPULAR" things shown there were popular because it is unglam. Hahaha. It's lack of privacy is starting to irk me a little.

Anyway I tried tidying up the albums and pictures inside my Facebook page. Took me almost 2 hours. I sure had a lot of pictrues inside man. And when I look at them I actually didn't know whether to laugh or to frown. Surely we had a lot of fun back then, but wouldn't it be better if I had put in THAT LITTLE BIT more of hard work? Hmmmm.. Food for thought yeah.  :D


Okay lah 到此为止 first. Next time I sort things out liao then share more of these VINTAGE things. *winks*

I ♥ Nicole Chen™ - S E X Y | LICKING| B O D Y B A N G E R| Special MAY MIX 2011
by nicolechen
And suddenly at the 40th minute Tara pops out of no where. Remix, WOW.

This porn has really good music yo:

Leave Life, Live Life,
for I am who I am.

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