Tepi Sungai

I think the worst thing humans have invented is the handphone. With communications getting so easily available, it's no wonder information is passed down so quickly, and so are orders and demands and whatever crap there is.

And worst still, you lose your privacy. It's like, people can call you at any time they want and more foten then not, you'll just pick up the call and go &!@(>?@#$! ten minutes later.

Finished reading my book, called Malaysia Negara Kita (hahaha damn stupid name right). Not bad lah, with chapters like Penguasaan Ingerris Di Perak and Salasilah Pemerintahan Negeri Selangor, obviously it kills my time in the office right.

That said, my computer account is pink in color. YES, PINK FROM MICROSOFT WORD TO DESKTOP TO EMAILS TO ICONS.

Keeps the day alive, doesn't it?

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