Cari Kerja?

Someone ask me yesterday HOW THE FXXX I GOT INTO ARCHITECTURE. So I told her my Aptitude Test/Interview process.  Of course lah, I don't like to talk serious stuff when I am eating, so talked a lot of cock.
Actually right, parts of the conversation between me and the angmoh + baba interviewers went like this:
[Part 1]
Me: Good morning.
Angmoh:  Hey there good morning, how you feelin' today?
Me: Erm. I had fever yesterday in camp. Just recovered.
Angmoh: Oh really! Okay we will get this REALLLLLL quick. *winks to Baba*
Baba: *drinks his Coffee Bean and winks back*
As you can see, the interviewers are quite different from those you see out there right.... Other interviewers wear suits and act stern and ask serious yet unanswerable questions, but these two guys are........
[Part 2]
Angmoh: Apart from your Dad's firm (HDB), what other architectural firm do you appreciate?
Me: (SHIT I DON'T ANY FIRM...) I think HDB is the best, because they make flats. No matter how beautiful your building is, if it does not fulfil the needs of the people it's worthless.
Angmoh: *Nods his head painstakingly*
Baba: *drinks his Coffee Bean*
Baba: So, what do you like drink, Coffee Bean or Starbucks?
Me: Erm...... I actually prefer Kopi-O. 80 cents only, very cheap. Very enjoyable to see the tow-chiew 头手 pour the coffee through the sock also.
Angmoh: Hmm. Seems like you are very Chinese..... Is your race Chinese....?
Me: (NABEH YOU BLIND IS IT) YEAH. *give him the DUH look*
Angmoh: *looking stunned*
Baba: What do you do at the Coffee Shops?
Me: Kiao kah zuo bo talk cock sing song lor, sometimes read Wanbao also. (I assumed he understood, and I also thought I confirm die already.)
Baba: Erm... I don't catch what you said...
Me: Basically, I go to the Coffee Shop to slack. It forms my favorite pastimes.
Angmoh cannot tahan his laughter already. He starts writing some stuff on my resume then says bye bye to me. Then I thought I am so screwed and already start planning for next year's admission exercise already.
Maybe the teachers and enciks are right.
Be yourself. Don't wayang.
Things may go your way, SURPRISINGLY.

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