Peace in resting

People always say how precious life is and I don't think anyone would doubt that. After all, no amount of money can create life for you. However, it is only today that I found out how easy it is for one to lose his life and how small and helpless we could be when that happens.


It was difficult accepting the fact that someone whom I was speaking to (and disturbing) barely half a year ago could have changed so much in her battle against cancer. It was a shock to me when I saw her; I couldn't bear to look at her. It was painful to see someone else in pain, especially so for someone whom you knew.

I returned to office a quiet man. I guess it was that sense of sympathy I have in me that made me a person with a soft heart (albeit with crude mannerisms) and I really didn't like to see people suffer in vain. That was one of the reasons why I joined the financial advisory industry--to bring value to people's lives. But I haven't found the answer to this question: 为什么该走的不走,不该走的全走了?


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