Wasabi mix

The past week has been really hardcore.
I strained/sprained/tore/pulled/hurt (I also don't know) my outer thigh muscles, and walked with a limp.
Reason? Stupid enough: I was playing that Maplestory Adventure game on Facebook when someone called me, so I stood up and AWWWW.    ''-_-

That was Thursday.
So I thought a night's sleep would suffice.
It wouldn't, actually.
Friday morning I went to the doctors, in camp of course.
The doctor is a really imba doctor, he've got medals for saving precious lives of NSFs from the Chief! Pretty awesome.
So this doctor said, "Hey you need to rest a few days."

Apparently I can't afford to give the Sunday AHM run a miss, so I refused to "rest".
Then he gave in and gave me a jab on the ass instead, dubbed the "Painkiller".
The jab itself was the Killer of all Pains because it's so painful...

My leg doesn't really hurt anymore.
But my ass is sore. Like you know, Primary School you had the jab on the arm and it turns stiff and numb for a few days? Yeah it's exactly the same thing, on the ass.
Can you imagine how I can sit on the bus and let the bus jerk my ass out?

Sunday morning, 3am.
We woke up at 3 because we need to assemble at Esplanade before 5.
I wore a knee guard to prevent bad things from happening again.
Thank goodness nothing happened that day.
In fact, the run was awesome.

My colleagues whom I do saikang with.



Look at my legs o.O

I overcame (is there such a word) myself, running 1h 35min 1h 46min (wtf) for 21km.
I never thought I could do that. I was initially quite skeptical of my target (1h 40min) already.

That night... Ate quite a lot of rubbish.
Monday morning. Stomach blues.
Added with fever. I was about to leave my bunk, but thought against it, since I'm so in pain I can't do anything much out there.
So I spent my precious off day in camp. Aiyah my off got so many, a lot of people get jealous already, so I waste a bit also never mind lah...

Tuesday, I went to the doctors again.
The doctor was pretty surprised that I can tahan one whole day in pain.
And he almost thought it was Appendicitis.
Obviously it isn't. I diarrhea 14 times in a day how can that be appendicitis?

So I'm now chunking on 6 pills everyday.
Yay for myself.
And tomorrow I'm going Melaka! :D

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