My dear little Canon Camera has a lot of interesting modes.

Mode No. 1: SEPIA MODE.

Oh. Just to share, the Police Station in Chinatown speaks Chinese (hmm... actually Cantonese...).

Finch Area is where I stayed in Toronto. Not very near town. It's like Joo Koon to Town. FAR.

This is Union Station, the main Train Station in Toronto.

Oh, it happened to rain once I changed to Sepia Mode, 5s difference. Dammit.
Rain and clouds are like free in Toronto. That's why I don't like the weather tehre.
And I hate cold weather. It's summer already but it's 14 degrees. What the shit.
I guess winter will suck totally.

Up next it's Casa Loma, a castle built about 5km away from the lakeside by a very rich angmoh philanthropist.


Walking down The Annex area (yeah the town is called The Annex) towards Downtown:

Damn shack. Still can't recover from the Jet Lag.

And now I've added so many new countries to my list!
Guam, Russia, Cuba, Gibraltar, India blah blah blah

Click to enlarge, as usual.

Back to work tomorrow!      :D

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